Sam Young for vermont State Representative

Sam Young, June 2010


Sam Young is the owner of Think or Sink, a web development and Internet marketing company. He has created websites for companies from New Hampshire to Hawaii although the majority of his clients are Vermont based. A partial client list includes Kimbell Sherman Ellis, Highland Mountain Bike Park, The Parker Pie Company, Vermont Fine Woodworking, Kaua Photography and Andersonville Maple.

Sam also worked for a number of local businesses in Glover where he was on the Board of Directors and worked as a CAD Designer for the Old School Builders a Vermont based timberframing company. Sam continued his goals of both preserving and growing local community by working with Phil Young to reopen theĀ Lake Parker Country Store and was a co-founder of the Parker Pie Company in West Glover. Both of these businesses have created a number of jobs and support the burgeoning market for local foods. He was also involved in the Glover business NEKInfo Associates in its startup phase before going back out to work on his own web projects.


Sam was born into one of the Kingdom’s well-known farming families, the Young family, whose ancestors arrived from Scotland shortly after the Civil War to settle in West Glover, VT. Well before bailers and diesel tractors, generations of Young’s were pitching hay, picking stones, and living off the land. Vermont’s rich agrarian heritage truly lays the foundation of his upbringing. So does the sense that service to community is the key to happiness. Sam’s family has a proud history of civic participation including selectmen, listers and state representatives.

But Sam, like many young Vermonters, has witnessed an era of transition for Vermont families: An era in which children played more video games than worked the farm, in which Vermonters switched from party lines to e-mail and cell phones, and in which the power of the Town Meeting was usurped by the state government. For so many of us, it seems that we are now firmly marked by an era in which generations of Vermont families are threatened by the economic, technological, and bureaucratic inevitabilities of the modern world.

Sam Young’s self-education in face of these changes began at a young age. Sam grew up in Barton, VT and he was only 12 years old when he bought his first computer with his paper route money and started selling database services to local businesses. Later, when confronted with financial barriers to a college education, Sam secured independent status and scholarships to support his enrollment at the University of Vermont. At UVM, his passion for studying Computer Science and Mathematics was trumped only by his experience as a member of the Lawrence Debate Union. Without a doubt, Sam carries these powerful lessons in civic voice, community debate, and policy analysis into his campaign for State Representative.

Stifled by the limitations of a traditional school environment, and inspired by travels to the western United States, Sam left Vermont to study outdoor education at Prescott College in Arizona. The college’s motto, “Education is a Journey, Not a Destination,” would further propel a series of journeys around the world, including Mexico, Belize, the Virgin Islands, and Scotland. Most notably, Sam worked with a seed-saving organization in Australia, and for a children’s theater and cultural exchange group in Cuba. Experiences such as these illustrate a broadened perspective from which Sam hopes to bring people together and infuse innovation in the public decision-making process.

However no place could ever be truly called home other than the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and in 2000, Sam returned to Glover. In 2006 he was elected as a Justice of the Peace in the the Town of Glover, since then he has married a number of couples and in 2009, chaired the Board of Civil Authority.


Sam Young, as a candidate for State Representative, stands proudly in solidarity with the often unheard, but most definitely concerned, voices of our rural and youth communities. The immediate challenges that face our state government require long-term and sustainable solutions, not lip-service. We need solutions that honor the spirit and ingenuity of Vermonters, while preparing our families and communities for the 21st century economy. Sam knows that this can not be accomplished without your collaboration and support!

While it would be virtually impossible to go to every door in the district while working full time, you are encouraged to contact Sam and he will make every effort to meet with you personally or by phone. If you would like to schedule such a meeting feel free to call 802-321-0365 or contact the campaign using this form.